Thursday, August 8, 2013

7500 miles...

After leaving Sequoia/King's Canyon, and enjoying a great evening and morning of hospitality at the Phoenix home of Ann's Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob (more pizza than we could eat, and a beautiful neighborhood swimming pool), we made the long journey across the desert, with just the briefest of stops in Joshua Tree National Park, where the temperature hovered at 109 degrees.  It was there, at a gas station in the middle of no where that we had an opportunity to help someone in need.  As I was filling up the RV with gas, an older, worn auto pulled up to the pump behind me, and a woman approached me while her husband and young daughter went inside.  She came right up to me and asked for money.  I admit that every instinct I had was at work judging her.  She (and her family) were overweight, she looked bedraggled, and sounded uneducated and possibly struggling with some forms of mental illness.  I wanted to turn my back and ignore her.  But I remembered our trip motto...Parks with a Purpose...and that purpose is to serve others in Christ's name.  Especially those in need.  So, I offered to fill her tank with gas.
While I went in to prepay her gas, she continued approaching other cars asking for money.  Ann struck up a conversation with her, asking about her needs and challenges, caring about her as a person, and validating her.  She was grateful for both the gas and the conversation.
As we drove away, we both felt a bit hollow inside.  So often it seems that the help we give seems insignificant in the grand scheme of the life of the one in need, and yet, it just as often seems that those in need wouldn't take the real help they need even if it was offered.  Frustrating, yet we give as we are able, hoping that even small moments of light along the way might impact in ways we could never hope for or imagine, through Christ's power and love.

What did we do next?  After a fun day in Sedona on the Pink Jeeps...The last few days have looked something like this...

The Grand Canyon.  Too awesome for words.

Now we're at the border between AZ and UT heading into Zion NP tomorrow.  Canyon country here in UT looks to be spectacular and we're excited about what the next week holds!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Johnny! It sounds like you and your family are having a wonderful and very interesting time, as you bless the lives of others and enjoy your time together, as a family!