Saturday, August 10, 2013

RV Living update part 2

Now that we've been traveling for over a month we're all missing a few comforts of home.  However, there are some things we DON'T miss.  Here's a couple from each of us:

Elsie misses the library (she's not the only one), but she doesn't miss practicing piano.

Tobi misses the dishwasher, but she doesn't miss having a well balanced diet.

Tanner misses "space", but he doesn't miss his regular bedtime.

Lucy misses sleeping with covers ( ie not a sleeping bag), but she doesn't miss regular hygiene. 

Ann misses having a conventional size refrigerator and the gym (it's always a battle between food and exercise, isn't it?), but she doesn't miss her alarm clock.

Johnny misses showering (the rest of us miss him showering, too), but he doesn't miss T.V.

Of course, we all miss our family and friends and we hope you miss us just as much! 

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