Friday, August 16, 2013

8500 miles...

Thoughts from Lucy and Tobi...

We have learned many things on this trip, including that Lucy is like a billy goat.  She is the fastest one in the family on all our hikes, even when our mom tried to sneak up on her and run by! Lucy's favorite hike was the Bright Angel Trail going down into the Grand Canyon and back up. Tobi's fav was hiking The Narrows in Zion.  For those of you who don't know, this is basically a hike IN The Virgin River through slot canyons. 

Fortunately, we've had some shopping opportunities along the way, buying gifts for our friends and momentos for ourselves.  The best purchase, by far, was Lucy's "magnificent" buffalo hat (Tobi insists this is the opinion of some, not all). See photo below. However, it is best for colder climates than we are currently experiencing!

People keep telling us we should be thankful our parents are taking us on this trip- and we are. But, if Elsie farts one more time Tobi threatens to do something vicious and mean. She doesn't know what that will be yet, but she's considering her options. 

One of the best things we do is building camp fires most nights and sometimes cooking dinner over the fire.  S'mores aren't bad either!  

Seeing the many canyons, hoodoos, and arches in Utah has been incredible! We are ready to hit the Deep South.  


  1. Elsie - those would be your "Russell genes" that annoy Tobi so!!! Mykel is always ready to do something "vicious and mean" to me as well!!! Be proud of those "moments!" No one farts like a Russell!!! LOL Thank Mom and Dad for having you guys do the update this time!!! Love to all, Cousin Lorrie xoxox

  2. Lucy and Tobi, I loved your update! I'm glad you and your family are having such a wonderful time, with many fun and interesting experiences... except for those few moments (wink!)... and someday, you may be surprised to find that you unexpectedly and accidentally "joined that group," too! (smile!)

    It was fun to hear of your favorite things on the trip and to see the great pictures! I love the one with your family jumping! And, many of the others, as well.

    Continue to enjoy your adventure! It would be fun to hear from you again, too!

    Best wishes and God bless you and your family, as your adventure continues!