Friday, August 23, 2013

Multiple choice

We all ate this at dinner last night in Louisiana
1. Jambalaya 
2. Gumbo
3. Fried 'gator
4. Stuffed shrimp

The operative word is ALL because the above were enjoyed by many of us but only fried alligator was something each of us ate.  To top it off, everyone really liked it. Although Elsie only had a little claiming that "it tastes good but I feel weird eating it".

These photos were taken where?
1. The RV Park we stayed in
2. Breaux Bridge Water Park
3. Pilgrim Pines Conference Center

Yes, the RV Park we stayed in! We were astounded as well. It was actually called an RV Resort, and that it was.

Walmart Super Centers in the South have what?
1. No lines 
2. Someone pushing your cart out to your car and helping with shopping bags
3. Nail salons
4. Indoor play space 

We are chagrined to say it, however we must admit we have done most of our food shopping @ Walmart, as they are ubiquitous.  We now know that in the south you can relax with a mani and/or pedi  when doing your shopping. 

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  1. You do know about camping at Walmart - right??!!! Mani/pedi, shopping AND camping!!!